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If you’re interested in GUIDE Culture™ training, but you aren’t quite ready to go all in, our online trainings are a great place to start. The online trainings are also great if you’re unable to travel, or if you can’t get your schedule to align to attend in person.

If finances are a concern, an online training is a great option. You receive the same great material for a much lower price, all while reaping the same benefits - the skills you’re looking for to grow professionally and personally.

The online training lasts 4 weeks, with one training session and one lab session each week. With the online training, you will gain access to the membership site for 6 months, a workbook mailed to your door and a Facebook community to connect with others in the GUIDE Culture™ family!

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What is the difference between the online and in-person training?

The online training is 100% online for 4 weeks. The in-person training consists of 3 days of in-person training with Loy and Macy, followed by the training repeated online for 4 weeks. You receive the training TWICE! For more about the trainings, read here.

What are the costs of the trainings?

The online training is $1497. The in-person training is $2897. We offer up to 12 month payment plans.

How do I purchase GUIDE Culture™ training?

To purchase a training, visit here.

What does the online training include?

The 4 week online training includes one training call a week taught by Loy and Macy. Each week you will have one lab call for role play and practice. You also receive a workbook mailed to your door, Facebook community, online access to the membership site for 6 months after your course and membership pricing for future trainings.

What is the course breakdown?

The GUIDE Culture™ training includes 6 content filled sessions with four main topics in each session. For more details on the breakdown of each, read here.

Who is GUIDE Culture™ training for?

We believe that GUIDE Culture™ is truly for EVERYONE. We have had people from all different career paths take the training, including teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, etc. The training is for anyone with a growth mindset that is looking to level up their influence, persuasion and communication skills. Loy and Macy firmly believe that no matter what field you are in, you can benefit from this training.

Am I required to participate in the labs?

The labs are where the money is at. This is where you get to practice and role play the techniques with YOUR exact scenario. You receive feedback and coaching from your group leader, so that you can perfect your skills. We offer multiple lab days and times, so that you can choose which one best fits your schedule. If you cannot make it to your scheduled lab time, our group leaders will help accomodate you.

Who can I contact for more information or questions?

For any other questions not listed here, do not hesitate to reach out! Email: